What it Takes to Work and Succeed as a Financial Advisor

We’re frequently asked by friends, colleagues, and family members about what it’s like to work as a Financial Advisor. We could probably write a novel about our personal experiences, but we’ll keep it simple.

  1. What exactly do you do? We help people navigate challenging issues to achieve their financial goals, such as retirement, college planning, or leaving a legacy for the next generation.
  2. What traits or skills are required? While being analytical helps, being personable is essential. We spend most of the time getting to know our clients, listening to their needs, and presenting solutions.
  3. How do you learn the details of the job? Having a degree in finance or business can help give you a strong foundation but educating yourself is key. You need to be willing to spend countless hours reading about financial planning, investments, estate planning, and be able to keep up with changes to legislation and the tax code.
  4. How do you get clients? There are many ways, but all roads lead back to question #2. You must be personable and willing to educate others while building trust. It sometimes takes years of communicating with someone before they commit to a working relationship with you.
  5. How do I become a successful Financial Advisor? If you love what you do, and can afford to continue doing it, then you’ve succeeded!

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

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